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Sublime Text preferences & classes reference


Hello everyone,

A Sublime Text newbie here. Is there a (more or less) complete reference of available preferences (assuming the Default config file does not contain everything), and perhaps a list of class names that I can use to customize the theme?



PackageDev provides various helpers to work with Sublime Text resources, such as completions or hints of settings, including known hidden ones.

Available classes / elements are described at

Note that’s only half the story as those classes work like CSS classes and can be combined with various rules to describe certain GUI elements.

Theme - DAneo may provide some real world inspirations as it addresses all ST4 GUI elements in a verbose way

You can also ctrl+alt+left click on any element after running sublime.log_control_tree() to ask ST to print an element’s control tree, used for theming.



:man_facepalming: That didn’t click at all when I was reading the page.

Thanks a lot for all the info! I’ll look into it. I don’t want to customize too much, just a few things here and there to see if I feel comfortable running away from VS Code.