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Sublime Text Official Release Cadence?



I was just wondering if anyone of you here knows what is the official release cadence for Sublime Text?

The reason why I’m asking is because in this particular case the last official release had some issues with code folding reported, and subsequently one of the dev builds introduced a new option to revert back to the old code folding in case the new one creates some problems for you. So I decided to wait for the next official release hoping that it will happen soon.

But here we are 4 months down the road and no official release is to be seen since last December. I have a license, so I can download the dev builds, but I would have preferred to use the stable release if possible.



Stable builds have no particular cadence (and frankly neither do the dev builds). You can look at the history on their website, and draw your own inferences.

Use the dev builds, but wait a few days for bugs to be reported and quashed.