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Sublime text image viewer


Sublime text has an internal image viewer since build 3055 i guess, that was a big step forward, but since then it didn’t go any further:

  • restricted image type support (no gif animation, often can’t load image…)
  • no zoom support
  • image often don’t fit in the view (over zoomed)

A complete image viewer is a must-have feature in a text editor of the top league.

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I was going to troll with a comment in the exact same format but how smartphones should be bulletproof.
Effort, meh.




I can’t see what this has to do with smartphones beeing bullet-proof, these are simple tasks that are implemented in various editors, it’s not luxery to not interrupt my workflow and get out of ST to open an image.



Images have the default size when loading them. Are you sure you want to load images in a text editor and not an image viewer? There are so many more functionalities missing to use sublime text as an comfortable image viewer.



any os has an image viewer, what i want is to improve the one built in ST so i wouldn’t have to use the os’s.



The only feature here that I find reasonable would be resizing the image to fit into the current view. Maybe bind that to the word_wrap setting.

If you need more detailed functionality, it seems better to use an actual image viewer over ST’s built-in. It is not supposed to be a full-fledged viewer and just serves as a convenient method to peek into an image’s content. The developer time required to implement gif previews would be much better spent elsewhere.



add to that zooming maybe with ctrl+scroll, (unless it’s difficult to implement),that would be sufficient for the time being, but gif preview shouldn’t be at the bottom of the developer’s checklist.

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Why gifs though? I’d guess that it’s far from being a frequently used format among developers. What’s your typical scenario?



gifs are used for readmes, so you can use them when working on a github repo without leaving sublime text, gif can be used in package control messages.
any way i’m not demanding it wright now, i’m just pointing that it’s not insignifcant and a total waste of the developer’s time, small features like this can drive some users to prefer another editor.



How do I strongly downvote this?

An image viewer in a text editor is a bad idea. An image viewer in a text editor that doesn’t allow the user to disable it and view the image as text is an absolutely terrible idea and breaks the editor.

Remove the image viewer. There’s numerous free and vastly superior image viewers designed for viewing images. Sublime Text is supposed to be a text editor, and this feature is preventing me from using it as a text editor.