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Hi everyone! I really love sublime text but I must say that I would like the application icon was more attractive. It is a simple idea and even touching it silly, but for people like me an application icon is really important.




Please see:



UI is important, period. I know that there are a lot of developers on here who might not care about that, but I also know I’m not the only designer leaving TM after the dismal let down of TM2. The app icon is horrid, I thought it was a placeholder because this is in beta, but it really needs some love. Since this is a product you pay for (vs freeware), I kind of expect a certain level of UI. Please, go to and find a designer.

While you’re at it, please consider making soda dark (or something similar) a default option.

And more important than the first two, please rethink this website. It’s barely functional, let alone friendly.

I know this criticism sounds harsh, but if I didn’t think Sublime had the most promise, I wouldn’t bother. There are things Sublime is doing that are really wonderful. For instance, the lines that track indents (not sure what they are called) — those are brilliant, makes reading code so much easier.



I’m partial to this one:

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