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Sublime Text hangs 5% of the time when doing a fuzzy file find (Ctrl + P)


Sublime Text: Build 4126
OS: Linux Mint 20.1 x86_64

Maybe 5% of the time, Sublime Text will hang when trying to do a fuzzy file find (Ctrl + P). It won’t hang immediately, but it will hang after a few key presses. It feels like it might be related to typing bringing up a large file (something binary or minified text) intermittently before reaching the full name of the file I’m looking for.

I have to force close Sublime in order to continue using it.

Is there a way to debug this further? Im unfamiliar with where Sublime might keep long-lived logs or if something like this would even be loggable.




I don’t think there are any logs for anything like that; it does indeed sound like you might have a massively large file that’s being loaded for preview though.

To verify that you’d have to identify any large files that appear in the sidebar that aren’t flagged as part of the binary_file_patterns and move them away/add them to that setting and see if the problem persists.



I will try updating that.

I just had it happen again though this time there were no large files, and only text files in the Ctrl + P fuzzy find. I was doing a search for sitemap. About 4 files showed up, all smaller than ~ 2 screens full of text. I was just paging down and sublime hung.

I actually just tried to reproduce with those same files, and I can get it to hang if I tap the arrow keys fast enough between two of those files.



If you have a license can you try the latest development build and see if it happens there?



I do have a license, though Im not sure how to get the latest build on Linux. I will look up how to do this.

I just got it on video as well, hangs at around 9s. Doesnt show anything super interesting though



I was able to make it hang on the latest development build. Build: 4137. I downloaded the .tar.xz, extracted, ran from there. Looks like it’s still using all my plugins and stuff too. Not sure how to get it into safe mode yet.

Interestingly, It also crashed when booting up that build for the first time after about a second or so, but it seems to run fine now on the second and third boot up of it.



It looks like I found it. The specific plugin was Discord Rich Presence, which sends a status to discord based on the file you’re working on.


  • subl --safe-mode .
  • Ctrl + Shift + P -> Install Package Control
  • Ctrl + Shift + P -> Install Package -> Discord Rich Presence
  • Ctrl + P
  • Hold the down arrow

Sublime will eventually hang one on of the files



I’ve checked and it’s not an issue on our end. That plugin simply hangs thus causing ST to hang. I suggest submitting an issue for that here: