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Sublime Text freezes on Linux (Fedora / GNOME)


Also have the same issue on PopOS (Based on Ubuntu 20.10). 20.04 was fine but 20.10 has the issue.



Oh thank goodness I’m not the only one. I’ve been tearing my hair out over this problem for the past couple days!

It’s happening on Pop!_OS 20.10, and started right after the upgrade from 20.04.

Here’s the crazy thing: If I leave the System Monitor application running in the background, the stuttering does away. The second I turn it off, it’s back again.

Seriously. I’m just as confused as you are.

EDIT: huh, it’s not just the System Monitor that fixes it. It’s any live-updating window. e.g: I get unblocked by playing a youtube video in the background as well. Whaaaaaaat

EDIT2: Nevermind, the updating window must be in the foreground. If it’s minimized/obstructed, the fix doesn’t work.

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Well I guess that is a problem with GNOME then.
I suppose the devs can’t do too much here!?

Does anyone have an idea how one could go about reporting such a bug to the GNOME devs or so?



Try this link.



I did not see the issue in safe mode. But now it is resolved after i deleted everything and reinstalled. The stall happened again after a couple days of use in ST3, so i deleted the Cache folder, and i have not seen the stall since. Not sure if that helps. I’m on Pop OS 20.10



I have tried with deleting cache, fresh install, all 9 yard. Nothing worked. Anyway, with a heavy heart I have moved on to vscode, since I use(d) ST 3 heavily for work.



Did anyone try my workaround by any chance?

I’ve been running glxgears in the bottom-right of my desktop, leaving a small entirely-black corner of the window un-obstructed, and it’s been working great. It’s not ideal, but it’s a good enough workaround until this bug is fixed.



@prilik I tried your glxgears workaround for a short time and it does seem to help. Thanks :).

There are similar problems reported for Gnome, e.g., and



I have tested it some more today. It seems this might be the X11 issue with frames (so it’s not just sublime related). I have tested it on Wayland session and so far I haven’t noticed any freezes. I will let you know if I spot it again, as I’m moving back to Sublime.



On PopOS 20.10. After installing latest updates the problem “seems” to have disappeared. Will update this message if I find that is not the case.

EDIT: This is still happening.



Just a +1 for this on Pop!_OS after upgrading to 20.10 from 20.04. It does seem definitely Gnome and/or X related. For me it is more that rendering stops working in a tab which appears like a freeze but if I switch to another tab and back then I can usually continue.

You don’t realize how great Sublime Text is until you can’t use it for day!



Does anyone have any updates? I don’t see anything in bug lists yet.



I’ve created issue. Please, participate to make it more noticeable



This issue started happening again – clearing the cache has no effect.



Also experiencing this issue on Ubuntu 20.10. For me, this observation from the linked Gitlab Gnome issue is true, only the display freezes, Sublime Text (build 3211) still seems to receive and process input:

“On further observation, it appears that the app is not actually frozen. Rather, it is the display which gets frozen. The App continues to take input but it doesn’t seem to update the display correctly. So it’s not exactly an app freeze.”

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Actually, I could have mentioned this. I noticed that right away, but unfortunately forgot to address this. When the App, or GNOME as it seems, froze, Sublime would still receive the input.

Btw.: Thank you all for contributing. Maybe this will get sorted out quickly



Guys, please provide logs for developer!

Can’t do it myself, coz moved to 3.36


ST 4092 and 4093 on Ubuntu 20.04, interface problems

Not to be left out, I have this issue on Fedora as well. I upgraded Fedora from 31 to 33 and now have this problem.



Same issue, also PopOS, also happened when upgrading from 20.04 to 20.10. I’m in a VM using GPU passthrough, it’s an nvidia gtx 1060.



Fedora 33 - same issue. As mentioned above, changing tabs breaks the freeze.