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Sublime Text Forum Platform used?


Hi and thank you for this amazing Forum. I was wondering if the Forum platform that ST uses is something built from scratch or if it’s open source on github. I need something similar to manage features and issues for my Software. Do you know what platform is it? and do you have any other suggestions? Thank you for your time.




Do you have any other suggestion for something similar but that is free?



Discourse is free, I guess that poster pasted the wrong link or the domain expired etc.



Yeah discourse is free and super easy to set up, I have a digital ocean droplet I set it up on recently and they really have made it painless.

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Is there a forum platform that doesn’t require the user to be registered for reporting Software issues? I know that most of the time users don’t want to spend time on registration to post an issue.



Yes but i have discovered that creating a Droplet with Digital Ocean it’s not free.



No, but I don’t know of any hosts that are? I did run one on a linux box that I had at my house but your ISP may frown upon that. I guess I was pointing out that it is free to use discourse, but of course you’ll need a host somewhere for it. I don’t spend more than $20 a month for Digital Ocean, but I don’t have a ton of traffic either.



I need to install a forum platform in my domain through a free cloud service. Neither Digital Ocean or Docker seems to be free. Maybe Vagrant is a free solution even if it’s not looking so simple to setup. Are there other alternatives to Discourse that are simple to add to my website instead of relying to Linux image distribution?



I doubt any hosting provider is going to give you a gig of ram, a CPU and some storage for free beyond a trial period.



If you are on a budget, you can try Aruba’s 1€/month instance. You have enough ram and power to run an instance of Discourse for a small forum.

If you like the format of Discourse - not the platform itself - you can take a look at Flarum too.

If you want 100% free… well, you need to be open to some compromises:

  • You can use github/gitlab issues for discussions;
  • If you have a static IP and a good internet connection, you may self-host on your own machine;
  • Maybe you can host a forum platform on Heroku (free);


Flarum if you install it in local machine and then copy it in your server should be a 100% free solution. I did not tried yet this method but at least exists.



Is it possible to talk to an admin about the forum Software being used? cc: @wbond @karisublime



Not sure what you’d want to discuss, but as discussed above Discourse is the forum software being used.

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And another thing, please don’t randomly ping people. It’s annoying.



Sorry about the random pings, I work with the team behind the software and there isn’t any contact info or feedback category, so I figured either I start a new topic or reply to an old one to reach out to the admins of this community. It is sort of important, and they’d be able to confirm all of this by checking my email.