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Sublime text editor will not save as python script file


This question seems remedial and simply bizarre on its surface.

Any file that I click save as python file is NEVER saved as a python script file. Only if I type .py as the file name extension. Its a simple task but frustrating when you have to do it every time.

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I’m not sure what you’re expecting to happen. What does it mean to you to save a file “as a python script file”?



please clarify the exact steps you are taking, and which OS you are running. Maybe the details here will help explain what is happening:



I am facing the same problem. Whenever I open file menu in sublime and choose save option and then save that file as .py file it doesn’t save(means When I later open file location it is not saved as .py file but only as a file without extension and thus I can not get color highlighting too bcz it was noty saved as python file.Here is the screenshot. I saved it as but now it is not saved as .py file.



I’ve found that really frustrating too.
There’s no point to the drop down list of file types if selecting one doesn’t turn the saved file into the selected one.