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Sublime Text cant open remote files


Hello all, I have problem to set Sublime Text like external editor in Double Commander or Krusader. In configuration on both file managers I set external editor in comand line: “subl” or
Its works and on F4 edit some file it open file and can edit and save.
But when I try to edit some file on FTP or SFTP via this File Managers its open blank file with this name and cant open and save files via thie file managers.
When I try use any another Linux external text editors forexample gedit
and use external editor >gedit its works also for remote FTP files. And when I double click on FTP file in this both File Managers I can open it in Sublime Text 3 but after save it dont save in FTP only save on downloaded temp folder.
Did some one know if it possible or what command use with variable to be able open ftp files from this file managers and after edit be able save file on FTP.
I know that is possible use Integrated Sublime Text Plugins to transfer file from FTP and save to FTP. But some times ite better work in File Managers and will need use this function if it possible.

Thank you in advance.



Hello I know its a little old Topic but I recently tried to find any solution to this Question by myself.

I use Linux kubuntu Plasma by KDE.

If you want to open remotly files through ftp program and edit it with sublime than after save send it back to server I highly recommend using WinScp + Wine. However in order to keep it going check this topic:

I’ve tried and working.