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Sublime text automatically scrolling on find


I want to find a string in Sublime text which is a time stamp. For eg. 03:46:23. When I enter 03:46 it starts scrolling to the found text . I enter the full timestamp and I get to the point where the string is in the file on line 100. From there I want to search forward for another string ‘test’ which is on line 150 . However as soon as I clear the text in the Find box Sublime Text scrolls back to the position where I started searching for ‘03:46:23’ on line 2000. How do I prevent this?



I’m not an expert in these matters so, I’ll be hopefully corrected if I’m wrong.
The secret is not to clear the text in the find box (I accidentally do this by pressing the up and down arrows as the other editor i used, that’s how you get to the next instance).
With ST3 press enter, and it should then find then next instance.

So in your example when you’ve found the time stamp on line 100, just press enter and it should find the text on line 150.

shift+enter also finds the previous instance or am I barking up the wrong tree ?


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Ps There are other shortcuts you can use too eg. When your cursor is on a word, crtl+d to select that word, then F3 and shift+F3 to find next and previous. Usually shift does what ever function in the other direction…(again if I’m wrong someone will step in am sure)

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