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Sublime Text 4 theme on Sublime Text 3


I’ve developed a theme all based on Sublime Text 4’s default (light) theme.
Basically it extends the default theme and adds something to it.
Perfect! But what is the problem?
I wanna export it for ST3 too and I don’t think there would be some incompatibility.
(of course themed title bar and things like that won’t work. But other than this, there is some hover features and color changes and these should be applied)
My solution was to extract default theme as package and include it in my theme (although it would bloat with some default themes).
The “real default theme” was there, so I had to change it.
Then I needed to change textures’ paths too.
But… the textures still are just yellowish-redish mess.



Yeah, so, how can I use st4 default theme in st3 ? or how can I build upon that?



A number of theme engine features were added in 4 to make it possible to implement most of the new features in the default theme, such as:

  • inactive pane dimming
  • “correct” tab dividers
  • new tab button
  • symbol kind info

You could sort of fake the new tab styles in ST3, but you won’t be able to get the divider lines to work perfectly. The rest won’t be possible.

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thanks for your answer.
yeah there was really a lot of new things.
I just wanted it to just look like the st4.
for eg. in hover, opacity change for layers are different in st4 and I don’t want to implement those myself, I just changed the layers’ tints.
another thing, as you mentioned, the tabs style. I think this is fully possible in st3. it just checks for some tab settings and depend on that, loads different texture.
and I thought that it would be identical to implement in st4 and st3.
so if I could extract it and put in st3, it would work (I thought).
anyways, if I could extract and put this to st3, I’d see what works and what doesn’t.
invalid classes or attributes in theme files doesn’t break st afaik.
yes, st4 has a lot of things that st3 doesn’t.
but I want the things of st4 that st3 can take.
it is so simple. I thought I’m missing some plugin or tool.
but there is no way I guess. nobody even tried st4 look on st3 so I could build on that.
but thanks for the answer



I built the ST4 default theme and the theme engine updates. It won’t be possible to get the same tab style with the dividers in ST3. That is the reason I added features to the ST4 theme engine.



ok. than thanks for the feature :slight_smile: