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Sublime Text 4+ — Macbook Touchbar customization has vanished



been using a version of Sublime Text 3 for a year on my Macbook Pro 2019, and I set up some custom shortcuts for Touchbar. I believe that was an option available at ‘View -> Customise Touch Bar…’.

I updated to Sublime Text build 4160 to check it out, spent a couple days fixing packages and stuff, and now I wanted to add a new Touchbar shortcut, and the option is no longer there. I tried started messing with System Touchbar settings and lost my shortcuts that carried over from ST3 as a result.

Do you know if this option will be coming back? Or should I stick with ST3



Alright, I haven’t been using Sublime Text that often, so I confused it with a different editor that actually has full Touchbar customization. Sorry about that.

Seems like nothing has vanished because it has never existed in the first place. Which is a shame.



Much like the touchbar vanished from Macbooks :wink: