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Sublime Text 4* for Win10Pro - How to recover unsaved files on a new portable version


Hi, i downloaded a new Portable version of Sublime Text and I would recover all the unsaved files from previuos Portable version. I know that they are saved on

<.exe $home>\Data\Local\Session.sublime_session

I copied this file from the previous version directory to the new one but as i started new version they were not loaded. How can i solve this ?
Thanks in advance.



Does it work if you load the session file in the previous version but specifically not the new version?



Yes, on old version, when i start the session it restart all the unsaved files, so this works (has worked) fine everytime. Before start new version i updated (previous backup of original files) files inside this path:
with same files of old version, in order to load all my unsaved files that i had in old version but they don’t be loaded.
So i need to load all of those unsaved files on new version.



Would you be able to direct message me your session file, if there’s a problem loading that in the new version I’ll be able to fix that.

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Hi, it’s some difficult because i have many file with private data so i need time to save all these files and leave one to send you my session. I hope to send you soon. Meanwhile if you have any suggestion it would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.



Hi, it worked ! There was just one more file that i didn’t moved; it was the “Backup Session.sublime_session” file.
So, my OS is Windows 10 Pro and the versions i worked on are the last one 4121 and the previous one. I copied all these three files

Auto Save Session.sublime_session
Backup Session.sublime_session



to the same dir of new version. At starting of SublimeText i had all the files i had on previous version, both saved and unsaved files.
Thanks a lot for your support.
Best regards !