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Sublime Text 4 (4126) does not display matched count in Regexp mode


Same issue as here

I just upgraded from 3 to 4. However it seems this feature has disappeared.
When I use search with regexp, normally it would give me “x of y matches” showing the matched count. However I see this feature missing now in sublime text 4 (4126).



I use this feature everyday as an data engineer to search and modify data, is it possible to get this feature back for version 4?



can’t reproduce in 4129.

neither in 4126



ST4 / 4126 / Windows

I’ve loaded in a fairly large XML file ~3 million lines.

If I do a regex search for one of the commonly found patterns SEQUENCE_NO\=\" and Find All I end up with 53200 selection regions; Found 53200 matches in the status bar.

Find alone omits the “X of Y matches” and selection regions messages.

On a much smaller file, the “X of Y matches” version seems to pop up.

You can change this by adding the following lines to your settings Preferences -> Settings:

"find_highlight_matches_max_size": 0, // 16MiB

// Same as "find_highlight_matches_max_size" but used when regex is enabled.
"find_regex_highlight_matches_max_size": 0, // 1MiB

this then seemed to work as the OP expects.

I’m on a box with a fair amount of memory - 128Gb - but ST didn’t appear to rise above 1Gb with all my other ST windows / LSP etc. going.

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Note that removing this limit has heavy performance implications as it means ST will search the entire file for every character you type.



Thanks, that is exactly what I want!!!:grinning:



i tested it again and this happens when the file is beyond ~210k lines (by default settings)



Hey everyone, I’m trying the solution that mrsean2k posted by adding those lines to the preferences settings (listed again below), but I’m still not getting any search/highlight numbers posted. The doc I’m searching is only 7.7k lines long:
“find_highlight_matches_max_size”: 0, // 16MiB
“find_regex_highlight_matches_max_size”: 0, // 1MiB

Is there some other option that needs to be added?



Is the “Highlight Matches” button enabled?



It has happened for me in the past, and it’s been happening to me all week, currently. I can’t say when it suddenly ended-up back in my life with any certainty, but this week I’ve been searching a bunch of big files, I’ve really needed a count, and it’s been conspicuously absent.

There are 216K lines in the current file.


I’m using 4143



Yes, my “highlight matches” option is selected, but deselecting it doesn’t seem to have a noticeable effect, even after disabling, closing the search, and then reopening it.



Have you changed the "find_highlight_matches_max_size" and "find_regex_highlight_matches_max_size" settings as referenced above?



No. I had missed that, but it worked (and I forgot to respond). Thanks for detailing that.

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