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Sublime Text 3, PlatformIO with Deviot. How to mark error/warning line after build?


Is any method to mark line with error and go to it with click for example?

I try SublimeLinter - this is not that I want. It marks error on the fly, not after build. And Linter need a lot of include line like this for each library in project:

"SublimeLinter.linters.avrgcc.include_dirs": [

I need just marknig error lines (end go to them by click) in source files after compile. Now I need find it manually each time.

Arduino IDE shows, marks and goes to error line easily



Navigating to errors after a failed build is something you do in your sublime-build file. You need to include a file_regex and possibly also a line_regex (depending on the output of the tool that does the compile) to tell Sublime what errors look like. Once you do that, double clicking on errors will navigate you there, and with the default settings they will also appear inline in your code.

More information is available here.

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As I understand there is no solution from a box.