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Sublime Text 3 Memory Leak


Hello, I just started using sublime text and find it to be one of the best programs i’ve used to do programming. So, I just started learning about python and included the REPL together with the text so that when I press build, the REPL will appear. So I was watching youtube on python programming and was trying it out on the sublime text, and it was working perfectly for a few days, till it suddenly froze. So I restarted the sublime text and again it froze, but this time my whole computer became very slow and almost froze as well. So I checked the memory usage at the task manager, and when I opened sublime text, the memory usage keeps increasing till the highest i saw was 11000 MB, which is 11GB. So i had to force close it. This problem keeps happening every time I open Sublime Text.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, deleteing the saving session files, but the problem still persists. It would be great if some expert or pro user could help me out with this. The memory usage keeps increasing, jamming my whole computer up. Thanks in advance!

(Just a guy who is freaking noob in programming.)

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It sounds to me as if there is a memory leak in the REPL package you are using? In that case, I wouldn’t use that package. Perhaps just use Sublime Text and a Python build system? Or use IDLE as a REPL if you really want/need the REPL functionality.



Hmmm. Ok let me try to see how to delete the REPL, and see if the problem is solved. I will get back to you as soon as I am done. Thanks for replying.



Is there any way for me to delete the repl package without having to run sublime text? The problem of freezing starts as soon as I start up the sublime text.



See where is your packages folder on:

Then you can delete the REPL package where it is on.



Hi guys, I had to delete the whole data folder, then it works fine again. Thanks for taking the time to help this noob :slight_smile:



You can ignore packages by editing the respective array in the Packages/User/Preferences.sublime-settings file.