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Is STv3-dev still been developed? I haven’t see any new dev version since Oct/2019. At least post some news in your blog at ( about progress of development or why its been paused. Please keep your clients/users informed.


No updates of Sublime Text 3 for 1 year already?

because ST 4 is under active dev I believe, but I am not a staff.

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Than can staff please post some news on v4 ? Everyone is in the dark O_o

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Join the Discord. Devs are pretty active on there. We get all the information on the new ST4 builds in the announcement channel.

If you own an ST3 licence you can even use the ST4 builds. I have been using ST4 for the past 2 months and it is really nice. We get new builds roughly every other week. There is now a version checker and updater build in ST as well.

BTW we have been calling it ST4, but the official name is just ST. They are sort of removing the version numbering.

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