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Sublime Text 3 causes unresponsive Linux Mint MATE VirtualBox VM


I’m trying to use ST3 in a virtual machine running linux mint mate 19.1.

I have the git extensions enabled and i am working in a repo whose parent is on a network server accessed via the VM’s NAT network interface through my Windows 10 host PC.

Whenever I fire up ST 3, the entire VM , including ST3 becomes unresponsive for up to 30 seconds at a time. Key-presses are lost, mouse events are lost, and the system is unusable. I’ve had to switch to VSCode to keep going, but as I paid for the ST3 license, I don’t want to abandon it.

I mention this may be git related, but I started using git integration at the same time that I installed in this VM, so may or may not be a red herring.

Regardless, sublime text is affecting not only itself, but the entire VM’s responsiveness, and only sublime text appears to be causing said unresponsiveness, since its been gone a.month since i switched to code.

I’ve had several lockups that required restarting the VM to recover.

Currently, ST3 is uninstalled. I can’t afford to block progress to diagnose, but I’d like to provide whatever traces or logs I can to help diagnose. What can I provide, and I’ll collect data when I can afford to.




Does this still happen if you disable git integration with: "show_git_status": false?