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Sublime text 2 package control


Hi i was trying to install package control on sublime text 2
And i run in some troubles with this installation, i tried some ways, but even with curl directly in the Installed Packages directory i can’t use install package on command palette
I tried to see if package control was ignored but it wasn’t the case, i tried rebooting my pc but nothing
Is there some problems with package control?

btw if i click on Preferences-> Browse Packages he didn’t do anything



which platform? ST2 is very old now and doesnt work properly on macs iirc… I suggest to use ST3

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I’m on linux and after a lot of time using st3, i still prefer st2,
i guess i’ll have to upgrade to st3 if there are no solutions



Do you see any load errors in the console? But indeed, ST2 is far, far out of active life and among other things doesn’t really support the cryptographic standards needed to talk to places like GitHub, which blocks it’s ability to install packages.

So in that regard, ST3 is probably what you want (note also that ST4 is around the corner at this point as well).



I doon’t see any errors or other stuff so idk.
I think i will stay on ST2 without packages, waiting for st4 and after i’ll have to make a choice i guess
Thanks for the answers boys



You should update to the new sublime text that comes out