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Sublime Text 2 not developed anymore?


I just came back to the ST site and i saw the default download for subliime is for ST3 instead of ST2. Having said that, ST3 is still ‘beta’ while ST2 is not.

Does this mean that ST2 is not developed or ‘looked upon’ anymore? I am still using ST2 and would like to know if it is time to move to ST3 and ST2 is officially being boycotted :slightly_smiling: .





All development work is focused on Sublime Text 3. It has significant new features, performance upgrades and bug fixes across the board. Additionally, it uses a version of Python that is still officially supported.

I don’t know of any good reason not to use Sublime Text 3. From my statistics, the vast majority of users have already upgraded. Only about 20% of Package Control users are still running Sublime Text 2.


Is there a summary of differences between SublimeText v2 and v3?

Thanks @wbond I will then try out ST3.

@kingkeith Ooops sorry for posting duplicate topics. Wierd I did search for the topic and it didn’t show any favourable results :blush:

Nice forum and prompt response.



no worries at all - it took me a while to find those, even knowing they existed :wink:

I completely agree that there seems to be no good reason not to use ST3 :slight_smile:



Will - would it be possible to get some sort of official statement from you and/or Jon that ST2 has been deprecated? Or, even better, some sort of hint on when you’re planning to “go gold” and release Sublime Text Version 3.0? I think the reason that there’s still 20% of users on ST2 is the “beta” label. (Of course, there are also the people who are happy with what they have and see no reason to upgrade.) You could still release new builds and whatnot, but I think it would give a lot of people a better sense of security. I think some companies, especially larger ones, are somewhat unwilling to shell out for beta software for their devs.



It’s the default download on now (and it doesn’t even mention being in beta there, only on the /3 page).