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Sublime - Option to NOT replace file type icons


I apologize for the rant, but I do not understand why Sublime replaces the file type icon for every supported file type with the SAME icon; it destroys readability in Finder. I’ve tried following macOS guides on how to customize the icon per file type, but I cannot seem to get it working.

Please consider adding an option or something to preserve the system default icon. I know on macOS, there’s an icon for the common file types, so it should be possible to leverage them.



Sublime Text 3 doesn’t have any file icons beyond one for the application itself.



I get that, but other apps are able to have type-specific icons, and macos has default icons for many common types. So I don’t get why Sublime team didn’t configure Info.plist to use built-in icons.



It’s using the default icons for me. Are you sure it’s Sublime Text overriding your icons?



Are you on Catalina? It seems like Catalina generates the icon by overlaying the app’s icon (scaled down) on top of the ‘blank paper’ icon. I have a couple other apps that do this too, while others have a proper file icon.




Looks like things changed in Catalina (fixed in Big Sur):

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