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Sublime now flashing when it has the focus



New to the forum and sublime text so if you want any extra debug info, please tell me how to get it when you ask. Thanks

I have an issue with Sublime Text running on my MAC in that the window title bar and footer now pulse or flash continuously when the window has the focus. This isn’t just irritating, I have issues with my eyes that leave me dependent on rock steady hi def images when using a screen.

Is this a known bug? I haven’t found any mention of it when searching for “flashing” or “pulsing” in the posts.

My Sublime Text version is - 3.2.1 Build 3207
My Laptop - Mac Pro running Mojave 10.14.4





Just got this issue after updating! It’s super annoying. Is there a fix being worked on? Thanks for your help!



This Mac build is known to be very buggy with regards of OpenGL support.

For a possible workaround please refere to:

duplicate of Screen flickering?

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I got this, too. MacOS Catalina 10.15.1. I added gpu_window_buffer=false, restarted and it fixed. Then I removed the line and restarted and it is still fixed. Maybe something needed resetting somehow.

Details: It was flashing/pulsing a few times per second (ie constantly) which is extremely annoying. It is like a visual-beep/screen-brightening flash like it is trying to alert me I did something wrong. Only I am not even typing or moving the mouse and it never stops. Last week it was flashing just once in a while maybe every 20 seconds but it just got worse today.