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Sublime Merge: some missing features


I’m a recent converter to Merge after long time SourceTree & GitKraken usage. Both excellent GIT clients where GUI functionality concerned. Some very basic features found in many other GUI clients I’m missing the most in Merge are:

  • Tree view in Files pane. Many GUI clients allow to arrange modified / staged / unstaged / untracked files as a Tree view. This is probably unimportant for low scale small projects with relatively small number of files and small commits where flat list will do just fine. However for large projects with hundreds of touched files per commit scattered across a deep directory hierarchy the current flat list file view is a disaster to work with. It is a chore to selectively pick the files you need and stage them one by one. If it was a normal directory tree structure we can then easily perform group operations on the directories rather than individual files one at a time. Group operations like stage, unstage, revert, delete etc. This has been available in many other GUI client for years.

  • No multi-select in Files view for group operations. Again, for large scale projects with hundreds of files changed per commit, it is a disaster to go through all locally modified files in the File pane and selectively stage/unstage/etc one file at a time. It would be much easier if there was a possibility to multi-select a group of files and perform a certain operation on all of them.

I’m wondering if there is a feature request voting system of sorts somewhere? Or perhaps polling topics? Posting in here under Ideas and Feature requests subforum sounds a bit like an echo chamber. Mostly community members discussing between themselves with barely any input from Sublime HQ…



Feature requests are tracked on the issue tracker; there’s an item in the Help menu labeled Report a bug that will take you directly to the issue tracker, where you can select an option to make a feature requests.

I suspect that both of these are already present (or at least the seem very familiar to me) so you probably want to search first and thumb it up and make a note there.



Ah ic. Thank you!

You are right, both are already on the list. Thumbed up just now.

Wish there was a better way to submit and vote on features. Something more accessible built right into website or into this forum. Amount of user traffic on here is likely incomparable vs the Github issue tracker. A ton of useful feature requests will never be considered by SHQ simply because no one will ever see them to vote up high enough ;(

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