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Sublime Merge showing every file as staged


After updating to the latest version of smerge on Windows 10 1903, whenever I open my largest repo, it’s trying to say all files are currently staged. Checking this with Git on the command lines shows that no files are staged. This causes smerge to lock up and become unusable.


All files in repo showing as staged — repo has alternate pointing at bare clone

What status are the files on the command line?
Have you tried refreshing the repository? (menu: Tools > Refresh)
Are all of the files part of the current repository or in submodule(s)?
Does a HEAD commit exist? (menu: Navigate > Go To HEAD) If so, is it the correct HEAD?

Did you see this in any other repository that you had previously open in SM?

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No other repos have this issue.
We have no submodules.
Command line shows no changes, working tree clean.
I’ll try refreshing the repo.



Refreshing the repo didn’t work.



Perhaps you’re using a split index, which Sublime Merge doesn’t currently support - this would be indicated via having a file name like sharedindex.52be20cbc4dcd20dd1facbfeecfa26944953a509 in your .git folder.

If it’s not that, it’d be handy if you could paste the output from the Help/Debug Information menu (but don’t forget to remove any confidential information from that output, such as private file paths)



I should add that smerge was working fine with this repo this morning on version 1107 before I updated to 1116.

I’ll get the debug info as soon as I’m back at that PC.



Here’s a link to the debug output.



Thanks for that.

Can you confirm:

A) Is there a file starting with sharedindex. in your git repository’s .git folder?
B) If you run the 1107 portable version (from, does it work correctly on the repository?

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Confirmed no sharedindex in .git.
Mobile version of 1107 works fine.



Thanks for the investigation.

I’ve been going through the repository changes from 1107 and 1116, and one of the changes was introducing size limits (done as part of the click-to-show-diff feature for large files). It appears a size limit was incorrectly placed on opening .pack files: if one of the .pack files in .git/objects/pack is larger than 32gb, then 1116 can show every file as staged.

I’ll fix that for the next build.



Thanks! This is an older repo that we brought over from SVN with tons and tons of .png and .ai files in it. It’s definitely over 32gb.



I have the exact same issue since last update (build 2049). I checked there is no sharedindex in .git.
Is this a known regression ? Are there any workaround ?



Hi @sebas,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues using Sublime Merge - I can investigate this.

Would you mind submitting an issue report here:

It would be really useful if you could also include the debug information in the bug report:

  1. Open Sublime Merge
  2. Open the repository with the issue
  3. Select Help > Debug Information
  4. Before sharing this, take a moment to remove any information you feel is sensitive (email addresses, file paths etc)

Kind regards,
- Dylan



Hi @djohnston,

Thanks for your answer.

I filed an issue ticket:
Please, tell me if you need any additional information.

Best regards,
- Seb