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Sublime Merge - Remember Git Account


How can I remember account submited last time?
A popup always ask me about password when i push my commits (anytime)



Hi. I had the same question. I use using Sublime Merge in Windows 10 with Linux Bash Shell (inside Windows).

How can I save the git account / password inside Sublime Merge or read the saved info from Linux Bash Shell?

Thank you.



You can try set cache with Tools > Passowrd Caching



I can’t see that menu in SM 2011 (Win10)! Has it changed location, or is this feature accessible by other means?

This problem has been reported by various users under different OSs, although not everyone is experiencing it:

Some have reported that the problem was solved by using the system Git instead of the bundled version, I haven’t tried that yet. What’s strange is that SM seems to be unable to find the Git credentials files stored on the machine (which work fine with other Git instances and frontends).



Make sure your password works or create a personal-access-token on Github

You can also try saving the user-password to a plain-text file, effective when OS credential system fail:

git config --global credential.helper store

Then entering user-password again