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Sublime Merge proxy settings


I am unable to push to a remote repo, and getting a connection reset error. I think it’s a proxy issue, but after entering http_proxy and https_proxy in settings, still I get the error.



Hi @benthomson,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble connecting to the remote repository - we’ll definitely get this resolved!

When you get a spare moment, could you go through the following:

  • Share the platform you are running Sublime Merge on (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Confirm Sublime Merge is using the system git binary or the bundled git binary?
    • This can be found under Preferences > Advanced > Git Binary
  • Share the output of running the following command via the terminal: git config --show-origin --show-scope http.proxy

Kind regards,
- Dylan



Hi @djohnston,

Thanks a lot for the quick response. I managed to get it working. I was using the bundled binary on Windows 10, and navigated to the bundled binary directory, then executed:

./git.exe config --global http.proxy <proxy>

In hindsight, I could have changed the config as you specify to use the system binary.