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Sublime Merge Problem


Not sure what I did, but sublime merge and git don’t agree…?

I was using it over a mount via expandrive, not sure if something got corrupted or what…

Now ‘git status’ shows only one untracked file (supposed to be there) and my repo is where I want it to be after some fixing, I checked it out to a new folder and it looks good.

but inside sublime-merge, the same repo (tried remounting to a new drive for SAGgles) shows 57 untracked files, as well as a ton of ‘red’ staged files…

those files are part of other projects (libraries) that I had initially committed by accident, so I erased them from the repo and added them as submodules instead via the command line, now SM is going nuts on me?



trying to unstage all, it bitches about the lock file existing, even if i manually erase it/no other gits running local or remote

i’m thinking perhaps expandrive is caching some specific files causing this but I’m not 100% sure that is the case as i’ve tried things like disconnecting, reconnecting, changing drive letters…

erasing index.lock and trying again results in the same error. erasing it locally says the file doesn’t exist even thogh it shows up in a dir.

erasing it locally makes it disappear still though and then trying again results in this:



turns out my gut was right

stupid remote sftp software is caching shit it shouldn’t
and has no configurations

time to find new software… after creating a new “drive” completely separate and loading sublime - my repo is exactly as expected.

sorry for the fuss, guess it’s not your issue

/delete this, unless you want to save it for future knowledge