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Sublime Merge is just awesome


Not sure if this kind of post is welcome, but I’ve been using different source control tools for 10 years, including command line git, sourcetree, ide-plugins, smartgit (which is really good) and now sublime merge for the last 6 months or so. Today I just had to write a post to say thank you because its so damn good.

My workflow has just totally improved because I can review changes so easily and smoothly, I just change stuff everywhere, and then pick what changes look good in SM, discard small things, and just feel totally confident because the overview is so clean. I can easily make many small clean commits if I want to. The UI for the central workflow is just genious!!

Sublime Merge even has good UI for things like rebase and cherry pick and stuff. The search is great and superfast. I don’t know what to say. I have been a cheapo freeware user but now I’m buying licenses for my small business… thanks for caring about doing great, lightweight and fast software.

I saw in the other thread people requesting tabs and comparing this to source tree. For me source tree has been a slighty buggy mess with some kind of IE6 website feel to it. Its incomparable to SM. Im sure tabs will be great tho… :slight_smile: