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Sublime Merge - How to refresh changes from disk? [resolved]



I purchased Merge yesterday and I’ve noticed that the view doesn’t refresh to reflect changes to disk.

I have a file with changes to the line endings compared to the remote.

So, I found the “open in editor” and opened the file, saved with different line endings, but the change wasn’t reflected in Merge.

So, I added some text (as a test) and saved, but that didn’t show up either. Oddly, when I click “back” the changes do appear, but when I click forward the changes on disk are not reflected again. I’m not sure what “back” means here, back in terms of navigation or in terms of commit history? Anyway, that isn’t the method to reload from disk, is it?




Oh, I forgot that I did find a refresh in the menus under “Tools”, but that doesn’t do anything that I can tell.



Hi @geneorama,

Thanks for reaching out!

This definitely doesn’t sound like expected behavior. When you have a spare moment, would you mind submitting a bug report here:

To help us investigate this further, could you include the following details:

  • Operating system and version
  • Sublime Merge version
  • Whether the repository exists on a networked drive
  • The Sublime Merge debug information
    • This can be accessed in Sublime Merge via Help > Debug Information
    • Before sharing this, please redact any information that is sensitive such as names, email addresses, remote URLs, file paths etc

- Dylan



Thank you Dylan, I’ve submitted an issue. Actually, I didn’t notice the part you said about the debug info, I’ll look for that (and redact as necessary)



For completeness, I opened an issue and Dylan was able to figure out the problem.

I will quote the parts (with some edits) that were most important to my understanding below:

It looks like the first screenshot you’ve shared is from a historical commit… When changes are made to a file on disk, they won’t appear on the historical commit. This is because historical commits are snapshots of the code at a specific point in time.

To see the changes you’ve made since then, you’d need to return to the Commit Changes screen

[If someone reading this is confused, you should go to the issue to see the screenshot and read the additional detail. But, Dylan is talking about the middle column that shows the commit history. The top spot in that commit history is not history, but rather the current state of the project.]

When pressing the Back button, you have returned to the Commit Changes screen, displaying the most recent changes.