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Sublime Merge hanging on Mac with rebase or reset?


I’ve used SM for a long time and just in the last few days (perhaps starting when I upgraded to build 2049?), I’ve noticed that some fairly ordinary operations just hang. Resetting a branch to a different commit. Doing a simple rebase of a branch onto a different spot. You give the command and nothing seems to happen, and the branch marker doesn’t move. But process meter shows SM taking 100%.

Any suggestions about what to try next?

I’m on an Intel MacBook Pro running Catalina. That part has not changed lately, but I only started getting these hangs very recently.



Hi @lgritz,

Thank you for reporting this issue - can you easily reproduce the issue, or does it happen very sporadically?

- Dylan



It doesn’t happen for all resets and rebases, but it is common, and when it happens, it will happen consistently if I try to do the same reset/rebase again. For example, exiting SublimeMerge and restarting does not help, it will continue to fail on the same reset no matter how many times I try. (Though doing the same action from the command line or from gitk is fine.) I haven’t noticed a pattern that lets me predict if whether a particular reset or rebase will work or not. When it fails, SM will take 100% CPU until I exit. If I try to do other operations or do it again without an exit, it will lock up and needs a Force Quit.

Anything I can do on my end that will help you diagnose?



Thanks for the information - would you mind submitting an issue report at

It would be great if you could include the following information:

  • Platform and Version (e.g. Windows 10 Build 19041)
  • The Sublime Merge debug information (Accessible via Help > Debug Information )
    • Note that before you share this, take a moment to redact any information you feel is sensitive (i.e. email addresses, file paths, names etc)

Kind regards,
- Dylan



Sure thing, it’s #1098

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