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Sublime Merge font size on macOS


Running Sublime Merge build 2020 on current macOS.

Using the Preferences “Font Size” option I can vary the font size of the “main” panel, so that the diffs are readable on a high-DPI monitor, but this doesn’t affect the left-hand side “Commits” or “Files” tabs, making them quite small and hard to read on this monitor.

Is there another preferences option that I’m missing, or do I need to do some trickery to make this part of the screen a better font size?

I’ve seen similar questions with proposed solutions for Sublime Text, but not for Sublime Merge, and wasn’t sure if those would apply here. Even if so, it seems a painful way to simply change a font size…

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The font size for the rest of the UI is defined by the theme. If you want to scale everything up you can use the "ui_scale": 1.5, setting. Sublime Merge and Sublime Text use the same custom UI framework, so all the theming and general settings are common between the two applications.

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Yep, that’s done the trick, thanks.



This worked for me too!

For those wondering how to access this, head to:

Then simply choose an editor of your choice for adding the new line:

“ui_scale”: 1.5