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[Sublime Merge] [Feature request] Rename remotes



My typical use case when setting up new repo is to clone the original one first, play with it around for a while, and then if I am unhappy with something in it, I create a fork, and start contributing.

It would be nice to be able not just add and remove remotes, but also implement renaming them — both as a right-click on a remote and as a Command Palette.

Would be also cool to auto-suggest parameters like git remote rename origin upstream when there’s an origin but no upstream yet.

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Hi @ratijas,

Thank you for suggesting this feature.

I’ve moved this suggestion over to the GitHub issue tracker - you can find it here:

Feel free to subscribe to the issue so you receive progress updates.

- Dylan



Thanks! I didn’t know there is a GitHub for it.

Btw, monospace backticks around git remote rename origin upstream were lost while copying. Not that it matters here, but be aware of them when copy-pasting larger texts. :slight_smile: