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Sublime Merge doesn't update automatically for repositories inside WSL2


Hi! I recently purchased Sublime Merge and I’ve been enjoying it. However, it’s been annoying having to manually refresh when working with a WSL folder on Windows 11. When I use Sublime Merge on macOS or native Ubuntu it works fine, but mixing the Windows version of Sublime Merge with the Linux filesystem seems to cause problems.

I am working with a Git repository that exists inside the Ubuntu WSL filesystem in Windows 11.

Is there any way to get Sublime Merge to auto-refresh? VS Code and JetBrains products seem to successfully watch the Windows Subsystem for Linux filesystem, so I think it’s possible.

Sublime Text also works poorly with the WSL2 filesystem. Deleting files doesn’t work and it doesn’t watch the filesystem. I think fixing this bug in Merge could also fix it in Text.




WSL filesystems mounted to Windows don’t support filesystem notifications, so there’s no way to actually watch those files. Implementing polling as a fallback is unfortunately the only solution to this.



Tragic. I guess I’ll go complain to Microsoft.
Thanks for the response.