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Sublime Merge Delete all Message Improvement Suggestion


I love the “Delete All” button for untracked files. However, when I click it, I get really worried it will also delete files in the folder ignored by .gitignore. I did a test and it didn’t, but perhaps a slight tweak to the messaging could alleviate concerns for future users:

This will delete all {insertNumberOfUntrackedFilesHere} untracked files in the working directory.

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Well you can remember the behavior is pretty consistent here: Stage All/Disacard All/Delete All behave in the same way, i.e. they act on the full list of changes/files which currently gets shown. So for Delete All, it will only act on the untracked ones, not the ignored ones, because the latter isn’t shown.

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I agree it works and is understandable, I’m just saying it’s a very scary button to press (there’s no undo for deleting unstaged files!), so making the tiny nit adjustment of { insertNumberOfUntrackedFilesToBeDeletedHere} might make my heart beat less fast when I hit that button. :slight_smile: