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Sublime Merge dark mode option missing (paid license)



I have just purchased a Text & Merge combo license. Installed and registered both Text & Merge apps on a Mac. In Text dark mode was automatically selected based on Mac dark mode. However in Merge it is staying in light mode and the option to switch between light and dark UI modes is missing altogether.

I tried googling around and searching on this forum and according to some posts on here dark mode in Merge is unavailable in free unregistered copy.

I’m kinda puzzled as mine is actually registered with a paid license.

Any advice please?




You should see an auto option in Merge’s preference panel



In particular, the preference is here, right at the top:

Even in an unlicensed version, those controls are still there (but when you try to change them, Merge tells you that you can’t).

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Ah found it. Please scrap this, sorry.

There wasn’t a GUI preferences dialog in Text, only manually editing the preferences config file. So I assumed it is the same in Merge. I was going for Preferences -> Edit Settings command in menu which was throwing me to manual editing same as Sublime Text so I though it is normal…



For what it’s worth, that’s still a viable method for some settings, since not all of them are exposed by the preferences dialog (only the most commonly modified); so it’s still good to know that’s there.