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Sublime Merge crashing on startup after update to build 2039


I updated Sublime Merge to build 2039 and it seems that it saved the last opened windows in an invalid state. After the restart it opens multiple Merge windows, that were opened before the update, on top of each other in full screen and the changelog on top of it and then it immediately crashes.

When I press the alt key while opening it starts normally. How can I delete the last state so I can open it normally again?



To remove the saved session information, navigate to the place where Merge is storing it’s configuration information on your system. That area is known as the Data directory (it’s not actually a folder named Data unless you’re using a portable installation though, in which case look in the install folder for a folder by that name).

The location of that varies depending on your OS, so check out the documentation page on packages to see what the location is for your OS.

Inside of the configuration area there’s a folder named Local, and inside of that folder is a file named Session.sublime_session that represents the saved session information. Moving that file away or renaming will make Merge start with a new blank session.

If that works, you might want to report an issue and provide the devs the session file that caused the problem in case that helps then narrow in on what went wrong.