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Sublime Merge: Collapse Diffs by default?


Hi, I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to have the diffs from a particular commit/workspace node be collapsed by default. The first thing I do every time I click a node is collapse them all so I can figure out which file I actually want to view the diffs for. I searched “expand” and “collapse” in preferences, but only see “expand_merge_commits_by_default”.




I agree, I’m having the same issue. It would be nice to have an option where all files are collapsed by default. It seems wrong that the diffs are auto expanded by default, makes it hard to get an overview of what files are changed.



No, but if you push the space bar, it switches to Contents view, which lists all files on the left and uses the remaining space for viewing the diffs in the selected file.

Edit: alternatively you can double click a commit to jump to the Contents view.



That does help quite a bit @wbond, thanks for the tips!



Such an option is still very much needed, despite that workaround.



I believe that default expanded view is convenient only when commit consists of one or two modified files, which is rarely the case in active projects.

Every time I wish to analyze a commit, I have to make additional click. This inconvenience is compounded by that, for some reason, space shortcut doesn’t work on my Windows 10 machine.

Thus, I would vote for collapsed view as a default view or, as suggested and the best, a dedicated option.