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Sublime Merge ChatGPT Plugin


To enhance Sublime Merge by integrating ChatGPT, providing users with intelligent commit message suggestions and diff review assistance to streamline their Git workflow and improve code quality.

Key Features:

  1. Commit Message Suggestions:
  • Automatically generate meaningful commit messages using standard prefixes like feat: , fix: , chore: , docs: , style: , refactor: , test: , and perf: based on the changes detected in the repository.
  • Offer templates and best practices for writing clear, concise, and informative commit messages.
  • Allow users to customize and refine the suggested messages before committing.
  1. Diff Review Assistance:
  • Analyze code changes and provide insights or suggestions for improvements.
  • Highlight potential issues, such as code smells, inefficiencies, or deviations from coding standards.
  • Offer explanations for complex code changes and suggest alternative implementations if necessary.


  • Enhanced Productivity: Users can quickly generate high-quality commit messages, saving time and ensuring consistency.
  • Improved Code Quality: Intelligent diff review assistance helps maintain high coding standards and catch potential issues early.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Seamless integration with Sublime Merge ensures that users can access these features without disrupting their existing workflow.

Implementation Plan:

  1. API Integration:
  • Integrate ChatGPT API with Sublime Merge to enable communication between the assistant and the Git client.
  1. User Interface Enhancements:
  • Design a user-friendly interface within Sublime Merge for interacting with ChatGPT’s commit message suggestions and diff review assistance.
  • Ensure the integration is intuitive and easily accessible during the commit and review processes.
  1. Testing and Feedback:
  • Conduct beta testing with a group of users to gather feedback and make necessary improvements.
  • Iterate on the integration based on user feedback to ensure a smooth and helpful experience.
  1. Documentation and Support:
  • Provide comprehensive documentation on how to use the ChatGPT integration for commit message suggestions and diff review assistance.
  • Offer support channels for users to report issues and suggest improvements.
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Well, there is even no plugin system. Not to mention a chatgpt plugin.



Not everything must be cluttered with halucination.



but surely having a commit message auto generated based on the code can only ever tell you what change was made - which anyone can tell from looking at the code anyway - and not why the change was made. So I am not convinced that ChatGPT can or should replace a proper human-thought commit message…



Absofuckinglutely not. I will delete Sublime Merge and never look back the second I detect any code-stealing, environment-destroying, amateur-code-spewing, slop-emitting con artist garbage fire products anywhere near it. Go make a LinkedIn post with a sixteen-fingered blue-and-teal robot on it with that shit and leave Sublime Merge alone.

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G’day @softwareflow,

Thanks for sharing this detailed feedback - we really appreciate it!

From my perspective, this is definitely something that would be suited for a plugin once the plugin system is added to Sublime Merge. This would allow users to optionally enable this functionality.

- Dylan from Sublime HQ



Please, do not litter the code with AI-related “functionings”. Keep it lean and clean, as it is! Please.



Adding functionality not always ruin a software. Indeed almost anything could be an optional feature and no one have to worry about something is not active.
I love sublime merge just as it is … but I want more! Why not? Just don’t understand why people are sometimes so desperate against change.