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Sublime merge build2025 performance porblem


The version of build 2025 is very slow and very lagging.

Very choppy.


When I only leave these files in the packages,the lagging has eased.

But there is still a big gap compared with the previous version.

compare videos





Which version of windows are you using? Is hardware acceleration turned on or off? Does this still happen in safe mode?

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It is the same whether the hardware acceleration is on or off

Does this still happen in safe mode?

not test yet, I just reinstall 2020 to test it and the 2020 is ok






Hi, I’m experiencing something similar.

  • Selecting commits is sometimes very slow and often leads to show that nice spinning dots (rarely happened on 2020).
  • Selecting commits with right-click sometimes hangs entire app for couple of seconds (sometimes it needs to be killed in the task manager).
  • Right-clicking on branches first shows an empty menu (gray rectangle) and then the text items after a second or two.

On 2020 everything works as expected - commits are loaded immediately and right-click actions work instantly. Since 2025 Sublime Merge slowed down dramatically :worried:

Env: Windows 7 x64, no hardware acceleration (I cannot event enable it, because my system doesn’t have expected OpenGL version).
I tried a clean install - no luck. Same problems happen in safe mode also.

For now, build 2020 is the only option for me (which is super fast :rocket:).



I can’t reproduce any slowdowns on Windows 7. Do you perhaps have another program interfering, such as an anti-virus?



Yes, I have COMODO Internet Security running and indeed it causes some troubles especially with newly installed apps. But it never ever slowed down SM build 2020.

To be precise I did an in-place upgrade of SM 2020 to 2025 (and 2027 too), meaning all paths are kept unchanged.
And to be sure I added SM to any possible exclusion list in COMODO, even disabled it and started Windows in the safe mode - slowdowns on 2025 and 2027 still occur :exploding_head:

More observations:

  • Selecting commits with left-click doesn’t hang SM.
  • SM mainly hangs and CPU usage spikes up when selecting with right-click only certain commits on my local git repos (there is nothing unusual about these commits, just small PHP/JS files modifications and they have nothing in common as far I can see).
  • Once hanged, switching to another opened app brings SM back to normal life (it’s looks like loosing focus unfreezes SM :upside_down_face:)
  • In fact, right-clicking on anything in “Locations” tab first shows blank menu and then that menu’s items.

Like I said, none of above happens on build 2020. I work with the same projects, same source code files and repos.

Any ideas? May be something corrupted in my repo files that slows down SM 2025+?



Nothing comes to mind that could cause that behavior. Are you possibly able to test the same repository on a different OS or a newer version of Windows?



I tested SM build 2027 on Xubuntu 20.04 and didn’t reproduced any slowdowns. It appears to be win7 thing.

So I prepared a screencast. I cloned public github repo of a well-known JS project ( and did series of mouse clicks. Hopefully I can use it here for demonstration purposes without infringing any copyright :flushed:

Build 2027 (hanged up after commit b13c9b47…):

I would be grateful if you could check it on your test bench.



I was able to reproduce a hang only once, but never again. Does that commit consistently reproduce a hang for you?



Yes, SM 2027 hangs every time I select that commit with right-click.

I found other commits in that repo that randomly hangs SM as well (until app restart). They always consist of more than one file.

What is interesting, there are commits that consist of >10 files and hundreds of changes and never causes any slowdowns or hangs.

As I mentioned before, everything works blazingly smooth on build 2020:



Dev build 2028: the described slowdowns and freezes still occur.



Hi @mk3,

Thank you for the additional information.

Could you add the following line to your settings file: "win32_vsync_enabled": false,

You can access the settings file via Preferences > Edit Settings...

Once added, try restarting the program and confirm whether the issue persists.

- Dylan



Hi, @djohnston,

I’ve added the setting as you suggested and… build 2028 works fast and smoothly now as never before!
All problems disappeared: context menus pop up instantly, no more freezes when selecting commits with right-click.

Great work, guys. Thanks! :smiley: