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Sublime merge broken with bundled and system git versions


I have set my git config to use git config --system core.longpaths true.

When I try to pull from my repo I get errors about file paths too long. It seems sublime merge is not using my system git config.

I then change the git to use from ‘bundled’ to ‘system’ and in this scenario ever git command fails with “CreateProcess failed: The system cannot find the file specific”.

How do I get Sublime Merge to work on Windows lol?

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you can always enter a full path to the git executable if system doesn’t work



I did so, and now sublime merge is REALLY slow for some reason.



Hi @Ap0c552,

Thanks for sharing this information and sorry to hear Sublime Merge is slow.

Could you confirm what part of the application is slow? e.g. scrolling is laggy, loading diffs is slow, git commands are taking a long time to complete

- Dylan from Sublime HQ



Hi Dylan.

When first opening a repo, loading the changes for the working directory take probably a minute or two. And just now doing a stage all for 3 files took 30 seconds when it has usually been instantaneous.

I have never seen these performance issues before, but it might also be because I have never worked on a repo this large before.




I notice that the loading of changes takes a really long time, when I copy and paste the entire repo folder on the file system, and then open the new copied folder fresh.