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Sublime Merge: automatic refresh for files stored on a mounted network volume?


I’m using two Mac, editing is done on Mac A and files are saved on its local disk. I would like to run Sublime Merge on Mac B instead of A so to have it full screen on a separate dedicated display, accessing the project files mounting the volume shared by Mac A. But I notice that Sublime Merge have to be manually refresh (Tools->Refresh) to reflect changes made on Mac A, unlike when Sublime Merge runs on project changed on a local disk.
Is this an intended behaviour or there is a way to have automatic refresh on mounted network volumes?



I believe that currently that’s intended behaviour; or rather, Sublime (Text and Merge) rely on the file system being able to notify it when changes are made to files so that it can react, and some file systems don’t provide those kinds of notifications.

You can check the issue tracker (Help > Report a Bug will take you there) to see if this has been reported or not.

My recollection is that some work might be going into a polling mechanism to be used for such situations, but I may be mis remembering that.