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[Sublime merge] Add desktop right click menu to sublime merge?


Is it able to add a desktop right click menu to sublime merge? So, when I right click this menu, it will open sublime merge and then switch the repository to the current folder. Currently, the workflow is open sublime merge -> click File -> click open repository (or switch repository). It would be nice to make this easier.



I have a tool for that for ST/SM.

You just have to download Sublime-Merge-Portable-Tool.exe and put it with the smerge.exe (typically in C:\Program Files\Sublime Merge). Execute Sublime-Merge-Portable-Tool.exe and choose 1.

If you consider the pre-built .exe file may be harmful, you can build it by yourself or simply use the codes to write a .reg file.


image image



Thanks. This is really helpful.



@jfcherng However, there is a small bug for sublime text tool. When I right click open with sublime text menu, sublime text will open two windows. One is for the current folder and the other one is for the old folder. Is it able to only open a window for the current folder. thanks.



It’s by design.

I didn’t try it but add -a to subl.exe may work (and then compile it by yourself, it’s simply a click).

$ ./subl --help
Sublime Text build 3208

Usage: subl [arguments] [files]         Edit the given files
   or: subl [arguments] [directories]   Open the given directories

  --project <project>: Load the given project
  --command <command>: Run the given command
  -n or --new-window:  Open a new window
  -a or --add:         Add folders to the current window
  -w or --wait:        Wait for the files to be closed before returning
  -b or --background:  Don't activate the application
  -s or --stay:        Keep the application activated after closing the file
  -h or --help:        Show help (this message) and exit
  -v or --version:     Show version and exit

Filenames may be given a :line or :line:column suffix to open at a specific


thanks for your reply. Let me try it to see how it works.