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Sublime Merge "A New Version is available bug"


Every time I start Sublime Merge, the "A New Version is available " alert appears. Even when I just installed the latest version.

A minor annoyance, but annoying bug nonetheless.

My suggestions:

  • Make the message more informative: “A New Version is available. You are on version {yourVersion} but version {newVersion} is now available.” This would help diagnose/resolve this problem, as well as future unanticipated problems.
  • Fix the bug.


It sounds like the update process is failing on your machine. I would recommend removing and installing fresh.

Your preferences will be preserved since they are stored separate from the application files.



Remove sublime? Over my dead body!

Jk, how do I properly do such a thing? Is there a menu option? I’m on the latest Mac OS.



Open your Applications folder and drag Sublime Merge to the trash can. Then install fresh from

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Thanks, will do. Also recommend improving the messaging (though that’s a nit)