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I do coding in c++ and I have installed sublime linter and sublime linter-gcc plugin but the linting process is kind of a slow, like it takes around 2-3 secs to display the errors. Is there something that I can do about it?



Linters are invoked from a fresh start so it has to keep parsing the whole source tree every time. If you are already using -fsyntax-only flag, I guess there is not much we can do with performance issue then.

A long-running background process, e.g., clangd, may have much better performance. I may recommend try LSP plugin with clangd configured to avoid performance problem like linters.



This flag “-fsyntax-only” I am not aware of it. And where do I have to add it… In the sublime linter gcc?? And besides I can’t use clangd because it doesn’t have bits/stdc++.h library and even if I manage that most of the online judge will create problem for me as almost all of them use gcc.



See example in the readme:

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Thanks. Although I am not seeing any significant improvement as of yet but also as you said there’s nothing else can be done here.

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