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Sublime keeps asking me to download a new version


For about 2 weeks I’ve been getting a “A new version of Sublime Text is available, download now?” alert every so often. If I click download it downloads the update and then asks if I want to install. I then click Install, type in my mac password, Sublime restarts and then shows the same “new version available” message again. If I click cancel it just comes back later on.

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I remember reading this in the forum sometime ago

Go to Preferences -> Settings-User and add there: “update_check”: false,

But as to why it keeps asking you to do it even after updating, I have no clue. Can you check if the last update actually worked, I mean does it show you are using the latest version?



Thanks. Adding the setting has stopped the popup. The version stays on Build 3083 so it doesn’t look like the update gets applied.



If auto-updating does not work, you can always re-install the latest version of ST instead.

Just download the latest from

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This is a joke right? There is no such thing as new versions of sublime…