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Sublime java linter and gradle


I am posting this hoping someone else has encountered this and has a solution of sorts. I use gradle to develop java projects. With gradle one defines the project dependencies and gradle takes care of downloading all missing jars. The problem is that these are downloaded in GRADLE_USER_HOME in paths that contain hashes. As a result I cannot include them in the classpath for the linter and hence linter is not finding any of these.

Any ideas? Is anyone else using gradle + java linting with sublime having a setup of sorts?




I realize this is a really old post, but I am looking for the same thing. So far, the only thing I have found is to have a grade task that will copy all the dependencies to a directory in my project. From there I can set the class path and use *.

task copyDependencies(type: Copy) {
   from configurations.testRuntimeClasspath
   into 'dependencies'