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Sublime instances forgot workspace after changing monitor


On Linux (Ubunut), typically sublime windows will remember the workspace. So after one restarts the computer, the windows are just laid back the same way. This is pretty convenient for people working with workspace like me. But it is not the case when you plug in an additional monitor. When the computer turned off and monitor unplugged, all windows will pop at workspace 1 after turning back on. I wonder if there is a workaround for this problem.



To clarify: Are the windows getting moved when you plug in the monitor, or is it only when you plug in the monitor and afterwards start ST that the windows aren’t getting restored to the right workspace?



When you plugin the monitor, it will not affect the workspace the windows are in. They may change to other monitor randomly. The situation occurs when you plug out the monitor. After restarting, all windows will be moved to workspace 1.



Sublime Text simply stores the _NET_WM_DESKTOP from X11 and restores it on restart; do your workspaces change when you have a monitor plugged in?