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Sublime IDE, anyone?


I’m a happy license owner of ST3. While awesome, I find it lacking as a full-fledged IDE (I use mainly C++) despite a plethora of plugins. I realize one can do as much with an $80 fee and turning ST into an IDE would deprive it of its major selling point – simplicity.

I think there is a gap in the market. Either the experience is good tool-wise but tied to a platform (Visual Studio, Xcode) or cross-platform but rather “meh” (QT Creator, CLion). And TBH, neither match ST in text editing.

So just letting the devs know, I’d pay well north of $1000 for a product as intuitive and cross-platform as ST but having first-class, out-of-box:

  • auto-completion – I mean an integrated C++ front-end, not some marcipan plugins
  • graphical debugging
  • CMake support – I hate proprietary project files
  • CPU profiling – e.g. a breakdown of time spent in function calls for a given time window
  • memory profiling – e.g. visualizing breakdown of allocation difference between two snapshots
  • GPU profiling
  • and moar features…

Would you?