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Sublime HQ working on speech to text?


News item: “Speech-to-text Application Program Interface Market to Garner Significant Growth by 2026 | Global key players includes – Nuance, Sublime HQ, Text United, UiPath, SoundHound, Mobile Text Alerts, XOresearch“



That article reads like it was auto-generated. We don’t have any text to speech support.



You’re probably right. I have a Google Alert for speech recognition in a competent text editor (NOT Word) that picked this up. I actually think a plugin using Google Speech API for ST is feasible – but beyond my abilities.



FWIW, programming by voice on sublime Is already possible via the Caster or Talon projects



Back in the day, I used to use DragonFly on a window VM. I decided keeping all of that working was more typing/hassle than I was getting out of it. I haven’t kept up, but it still seems like there’s a lot of work involved.

I want dictation to write prose (markdown). The Google Speech API is quite good now, and I’d love to use it with the necessary functions (custom dictionary) and commands (select that, correct that, go back, resume with, etc.) so I think this might be a possibility one day…



Yeah things were kinda messy in the past, Especially if you were on Linux and you had to set up the whole aenea thing with Dragon on their Windows VM. But in the past year there have been a lot of developments in the voice code and community among which is a low latency and cross-platformkaldi backened for dragonfly, which allows you to optionally combine it with Google API for free dictation( in that scenario kaldi would handle commands locally and google would hundle prose). if you are interested, you can find more information in the dragonfly and kaldi-active-grammar channels or in their documentation!



As an alternative, I recommend this audio to text converter. It works quite fast, and it has many useful features such as an in-built editor, text timings tracking, voice recognition in noise, etc.