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Sublime has Hijacked my files


i tried the program for testing and did a lot of editing. but then i got a message that i needed to buy it to continue to use it. now all my editing is only in the program and not in the files. i cant copy paste it out or save it as a new file or anything! as far as i can see i HAVE to buy the program to get my text out! WTF.
please help



When the reminder to purchase appears you can click the button to dismiss it. Sublime isn’t feature locked in any way other than not being able to turn off updates while you’re evaluating.

Your problem sounds suspiciously like the popup may have gotten put behind a window, and now everything is locked waiting for you to interact with it. I would check the window list/task bar to see if you can spot it and close it.

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ive closed the program several times, restarted the computer, uninstalled and reinstalled it. the text is still in the program but i cant do anything with it



i can copy paste text but it excludes all the edits so its only the original text that’s being pasted



I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such a thing happening unless you have installed some package that is messing with your clipboard.



i got no packages installed



for some reason ive been able to get some of the text out but not the rest, but thanks for helping but im at a lost and a little sad, lost a lot of work.



FWIW: Sometimes a modal dialog box might be moved behind the main window which causes the all key bindings not to work anymore or mouse events not to be processed. It easily happens on Windows at least. As a result the editor window in question feels locked. Not sure why that should remain after restarting ST though.

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